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Patented Slipper Cover

Exclusive and ours alone! We have created the perfect two piece chair cover that willl fit any banquet chair. This exclusive cover allows for the mixing and matching of patterns and textures to create a fabulous look that is changing the face of Chair Cover Decor. In addition, the chair back is provided with foam inserts which not only add comfort, but also changes the shape of a rounded back banquet chair into a stately and elegant square back look. Our inventory is increasing daily with new colors and accessories. Visit the Chair Cover section located under Products on the home page to view the variety of colors available and also the beautiful treatments that can be done on this fabulous cover!


 Cream Sateen Slipper and Cream Sateen Self Tie Cover
Shown over our Porcelan Stripe Tablecloth


NEW!!! Introducing our amazing collection of Chair Jewelery . We are designing exciting new looks for our covers which include our Peacock Cultured Pearl and White Cultered Pearl Brooches. These new brooches add a sophisticated elegance to our sashes and bands. The necklace strands can be removed if preferred.

    White Slipper w/Platinum Organza Sash along        White Slipper w/ Black Floral Organza Sash
 with our fabulous new Rhinestone Brooches. Shown
over our Beaded Platinum Tablecloth
Taupe Shantung Slipper w/Burgundy Tafetta Sash      Cream Sateen Slipper w Gold Leaf Chiffon Cap
          shown over our Cleopatra Tablecloth                             and a Cream Chiffon Sash
 Cream Sateen Slipper w/Gold Beaded Cap             Taupe Shantung Slipper w/ Burgundy Organza Sash
 Cream Sateen Slipper w/Chocolate Pintuck Cap                    Black Flock Chair Back
              and Chocolate Pintuck Sash
     Taupe Shantung Slipper w/Taupe Floral Sash              Cream Sateen Slipper w/Taupe Swirl Sash
          shown over our Taupe Floral tablecloth                         over our Taupe Swirl tablecloth
      Cream Sateen Slipper w/Cranberry Swirl Cap               Cream Sateen Slipper w/Moss Swirl Cap
     Gold Sateen Slipper w/Claret Beaded Cap over a         Black Sateen Slipper w/Platinum Satin Sash and
                      Claret Beaded Overlay                               our Rhinestone Brooch over Platinum Stripe Linen