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We are proud to introduce our Couture Slipcovers for home entertaining! These amazing slipcovers will work on 95% of all dining room chairs...even chairs with arms! Our patented design allows for custom looks and a perfect fit! Go from the usual to the unexpected in minutes and your guests will experience the utmost in dining elegance and style!

Below you will find our 18 fabulous collections that are currently in inventory. Rent any slipcover 3 times and we will custom make any selection of your choice complimenatary just for you! In addition mix and match linen colors and textures along with our other accessories from Distinctive Details inventory everytime you entertain to change your decor.

Take a moment and visit our 2009 Tabletop Calendar located on our home page to see how these slipcovers totally transform a room.

Black Truffle Risotto   Wild Mushroom Pate   Roast Chicken w/Holiday Stuffing
Our "Little Black Dress" can be accessorized so many ways! Our Black Velvet slipcover is elegant and sophisticated.Use with Hot Pinks or perhaps Turquoise or Gold accents for a stunning decor!
  The Brown Velvet Back is combined with a hand appliqued and embroidered Velvet flower on top of Sky Blue Taffeta which adorns the skirt. Your chairs will take center stage with this slipcover.
  Set a perfect table for Thanksgiving dinner using our Brown Velvet Collection. Pair this slipcover with luscious moss greens and turquoise fabrics for a complete transformation! Visit November 2009 on our Calender to see the spectacular combinations used.
Mashed Potatoes with Gravy   Candied Apples Brocade and Stripe Jacquard   Candied Apples Nugget Jacquard
Classic Browns and Creams bring together a beautiful pallete for any dining room. Rent only the skirt for a different look!
  Our Candied Apples Collecton is traditional and timeless in it's design. A beautiful brocade adorns the back and skirt. The finishing touch in the skirt is a coordinating stripe. Perfect for any jewel tone decor.
  Simple in the design is our Nugget Fabrics. This traditional color is the perfect accent for any decor. To dress the chair differently, try using our beaded caps to fit over the chair back.This is a very pretty look!
Cookies n Cream Empress Brocade   Cookies n Cream Swirl Jacquard   Cookies n Cream Ice Cream
Our Cookies and Cream Collection is a knock out! The three dramatic fabrics we have chosen make these Slipcovers a must have for your next dinner party!Not available in Arm Backs.
  Our favorite Slipcover...hands down!Your guests will not stop talking about them and probably will not want the evening to end! Choose the exciting Slipcover and you will not be dissapointed. Not available in Arm Backs.
  Clients have used this amazing Slipcover with yellow accessories from Distinctive Details and the results speak for themselves. Definately a winner! Not avaiable in Arm backs.
Cherries Jubilee   Strawberry Ice Cream   Chocolate Macadamia Nuts Stripe Jacquard
Holiday Personnafied describes our Cherries Jubilee. Rich velvet that drapes beautifully is your blank canvas for many parties.Valentines day dinners deserve the best...and this is it! Visit February 2009 on our calender for decorating ideas.
  What can we say....this collection is certainly a must have for Holiday entertaining. Pair these amazing Slipcovers with tabletop decor from our inventory. Visit May 2009 on our Calender to see a table dressed over the top!
Chocolate Macadamia Nuts Swirl Jacquard   Peanut Butter Cups Swirl Jacquard   Peanut Butter Cups Nugget Jacquard

Peanut Butter Cups Stripe Jacquard   Cranberry Clusters Diamond Brocade   Cranberry Clusters Swirl Jacquard